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4 October 2015
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So many height products on the Internet, which can be overwhelming, especially with all the scams going on. And of course, who doesn’t want to grow taller when the benefits of being taller are countless, like a better job, confidence, status, and beauty. You only live once so enjoy and live life to the fullest and taller too.

I being average height and having a brother who was over six foot was not fun. I get pushed around and belittled every time. Plus, he can a lot of space too when talking and other advantages. Besides that, I was trying to go for modeling jobs and it sucks being less than 6 foot as this is the minimum height for a male model, especially if you wanted to be successful. Last but not least, I live in the US so many tall guys here and I see the difference in happiness and success tall guys feel compared to shorter guys. Women would normally look at the tall guy versus the short person anytime of the day. Plus, tall guys get more attention, command, and respect as compared to a short person. The intimidation I would feel too from tall guys and people messing with me, along with my cultural norm of tall vs short made me angry.

So that being said I was on an intense hunt for growing taller products online around 2007 2008 when height products were fairly new. I tried everything from “so called” height insoles (Kimi, etc.), pills (Ebay, Amazon, Google Searches, etc.) and even went to a point of paying a company through Western Union for fake height products. Almost up to 5000 dollars I spent to find the right height product. I almost gave hope on growing taller and staying being a weak, depressed person.supergrowth12

I even went to the endocrinologist and he said there is no hope for growing taller since my growth plates fused. I tried all the doctors in my area and they said “move on”. One option was the VERY EXPENSIVE limb length surgery where I would have to travel overseas, pay a huge amount, and have a huge downtime.

Stretching, however, does help but doing even the “proper” exercises would only be temporary unless you have some other product to complement stretching. Why I say this cause I tried rigorous stretching programs and doing the stretches for like 5 to 6 days a week for hours. All I got was being ‘terribly skinny” and temporary 1 inch height that I saw fade the next day on my day off. I was like religiously on the pursuit of a height increase product.

HOWEVER, it is when I looked through a “genuine” blog and heard about the product Super Growth that made me encouraged again and actually buy this product. Being very skeptical as I was with all the bad experiences, Super Growth proved me wrong even with a couple of days of using this topical product. I would use the product every other day and I noticed a difference in my height each time of using it. I even noticed better joints and less injuries as extra benefits. Plus, Super Growth is very easy to use, at night, and comes with easy instructions; Super Growth complements any stretching and other physical activities I was doing to grow taller. Lastly, the price of Super Growth is WAY CHEAPER Than limb lengthening and other surgeries without the downtime and side effects. I been buying Super Growth more than 10 times cause of its great topical benefits for height. Use this product at night and see yourself taller next morning and throughout the day. I just wished I heard about Super Growth earlier and not have to waste 1000s of dollars on other fake height products online.

When I bought Super Growth there is no turning back. My family members, including my brother was shocked and always stood next to me to ensure I was taller. I started getting more modeling gigs and increased my social life exponentially. The great part is that the company also offered a morning product called Helpo Growth, which is like Super Growth but a morning formula, which maintained my growth, joints, and posture during the day and morning time. At first I was wondering how a topical product can make someone grow taller as I thought only oral pills or surgery could. I was wrong this time.

Why this is the best height product out there
Super Growth has been getting positive reviews for over ten years. It was in early 2000 which is when I first saw the product comments online. I was skeptical at first but it really is a easy to use and comprehensive height growth support. The company also seems to have enhanced the ingredients for more benefits of the overall body.

What to Expect with Super Growth RIGHT AWAY
Starting from the very first day, you’ll see benefits of using Super Growth the night before. Just make sure to follow instructions properly. The body goes into repair mode at night so that is the best time to use this fantastic product. You will wake up and have better posture and feel taller like I did. Plus, your body will feel more energized and active to do any physical or rigorous activities throughout the day. Last but not least, it best to use the Super Growth between 1 to 6 months when you achieve the height results you want.

The Super Ingredients of Super Growth

100% herbal so no allergic reaction or chemical issues
Over ten years of Intensive Professional Research
Supplementing a Proper Diet, Exercises, and Height Exercises for Faster SUPER Results, especially other products the company carries like Growth Sinerama.

The Great BONUSES that came with Super Growth Product

This product is like a spray where you just spray one pump, or as the direction says, to certain areas of the body and massage till absorbed it at night. Nothing technical or time consuming like other height products I have used before. Very straight forward and there is a paper that comes with the product to show a picture and words description. I was using it every other day and is it IMPORTANT not to skip using it or else you go back to square one starting all over again. Just REMEMBER on certain nights to put on the Super Growth. There were times I was using it every day and that depends on each individual’s tolerance and preference. Customer support is there to clarify any questions you have.

Proper Posture Alignment for Better Height and Body Success
The company gives so much free information on diet, exercises, and sleep, including tips. It is important to read whatever precious info they send so that your daily routine and tasks complement Super Growth Product and overall height growth. There is especially an emphasis on spinal and bone issues to help minimize their impact on your eventual new growth. These tips and info can only help you grow to your height objective in LESS TIME and of course surprise naysayers.

The IMPORTANCE of SLEEP for Height Growth and Overall Success
Having proper and good quality sleep is crucial, especially since Super Growth is to be applied at nighttime about 10 to 15 minutes of sleep. 8 to 9 hours of sleep is GREAT and gives body enough time to repair and rejuvenate. Getting less sleep not only hurts height but also the mind and body in many ways that can hinder any life goal you have. Of course discipline and motivation and having a mindset of reaching your height objective with Super Growth will actually help you have a peace of mind and sleep better too. Plus, you’ll notice a better sleep quality with Super Growth as you continue to take it which I was SHOCKED about and VERY PLEASED TOO. I never seen a topical product have so many benefits for the overall body.

Positive Thinking and Imagining Your Height GOAL RIGHT NOW!!!
There is so many ways to be trapped into negativity these days. That is why you need to ensure MOST IMPORTANTLY you think POSITIVE and picture your ideal height in your mind while using Super Growth, which can be a motivation since this product has helped various grow taller. Even listening to music or just meditating with eyes closed and picturing yourself taller and stronger can only make MORE of a A DIFFERENCE EVERY DAY. Stress and other factors will then be mitigated as well and not interfere with height growth and overall body. You should even sense what it feels like to be taller and all the benefits you received from being a couple inches more taller and better.

Exercising Regulary makes you feel good and grow too.
Exercises in the morning or evening will help every facet of your lifeyou’re your height. There are claims on how stretching exercise provide temporary height. However, Super Growth will complement any exercise you do, making exercising more permanent and effective. And the best part is that Super Growth comes with some exercising tips from beginners to advance with proper guidelines for each exercise so you don’t have to worry about researching anything else making life simpler and a focused height target. You can pick and choose whichever height exercises you want to do at whichever time of the day.
I felt I was doing better and more improved exercises that my brother was even shocked on how I was looking taller around his height standing next to him.

Measuring Your Height
When I was doing ONLY stretches I noticed my height taller in the morning as compared to nighttime. This was a major sign of my height being temporary. Nevertheless, I noticed I was about some cms taller after using Super Growth for some time and the height was same increased in morning and night. There were times I just felt being taller and didn’t need the measurement proof to substantiate my height increase.

With the Internet nowadays there are so many different reviews on products and scams out there. So are you going to be skeptical and do nothing or get a product that ACTUALLY WORKS. I am success story which is why I been buying Super Growth for years and NEVER RETURNED IT. Just remember that you need to have proper daily habits so you can grow and have a great lifestyle. The company does not claim any overnight or magic pill success with Super Growth. It takes time but it is all worth it and a Safe, Innovative, Healthy, Inexpensive (especially compared to limb lengthening surgery) way of growing taller proportionately. Just stick to applying the product as the directions says like massaging the product properly and not skipping or stopping it as breaking the system and routine is not good.

People want fast results and be on top of the world in no time. Super Growth will give you super long lasting results with to make you grow taller even if your growth plates have fused. You just need to be patient and have realistic expectations of how many inches you want to grow. Forget all the height products and claims out there since Super Growth will get rejuvenate and increase your body proportionately so you can be the person you always want to be. After all, you only live once so live life to the fullest and taller too.

Products like this are rare to come by so consider this your LUCKY DAY
The company offers discounts and secure credit card and other payment methods for the Super Growth. When you buy the product then there is no looking back. Share your height growth story with your friends, family, and the rest of the world if you like.
Super Growth is part of a great company with a great resourceful website. The list of FAQs are listed in great detail. You can also contact the company and expect to get timely friendly customer service all the time with any height questions you have. Last but not least, they ship WORLDWIDE.
Today, and for a limited time only, there’s an amazing offer for this comprehensive growth package. You can get $50 off the normal selling price of this little marvel, bringing down the overall cost to a level that’s impossible to ignore! This is an outlandishly low price for a solution that has no equal, and its well worth the investment involved. With just a little dedication and earnestness,you could gain up to five inches in new height!
Isn’t it time you stop just dreaming of being taller?
Well now you can be!
Risk Free Guarantee, Can’t Be Beat!
With the amazing risk-free guarantee, you’ve got a solid two months to see yourself climbing to new heights. If you fail to gain at least 2-5 inches after truly dedicating yourself to this system, you get your money back! Just contact the company, the creator of this life-changing system. You can even buy two or three bottles to save on shipping and proper usages of the product
Plus the great part is the company takes SECURE credit card payments on their site so you can rest assured the Super Growth will be delivered to you on a timely safe manner. I have contacted the company for years during the time I used Super Growth and I would always get a timely response and very helpful follow ups too. They would make overall recommendations are were with me every step of the way so I do feel content and see the height potential I was aiming for.

The company constantly improves its products and adds advanced height products. This is a company really focused on “grow taller” formulas and has been around for many years. Many scam and fake companies shut down right away and do not constantly do research in their products with the latest advancements and updates. Super Growth seems to be One of the longest popular products out there in the market.

I even did searches on Super Growth as I was taking the product as the skeptic inside me wanted to see any updated reviews on this product. You may do an Internet search as well. The sad part is the Internet is filled with a lot of dishonest feedback and views that come from competitors and/or scammers & spammers. It is so hard to rely on reliable sources on the Internet

That is why word of mouth and testimonials tend to work best and come from customers themselves actually explaining the benefits they receive from a product with supporting info. Be careful what you search and rely on for information. PLUS, everyone’s body is different so what might work for one person might not work for you. So the best proof and truth is TRYING IT FOR YOURSELF and SEEING THE RESULTS. I did and think you will too.

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