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Four Great Ways to Buy

Whether you’re a new customer, or one of our many satisfied clients returning to get your next order, we’ve got four great ways for you to get Super-Growth Height Enhancer. Each of them comes with a full brochure explaining the how’s and why’s of our formula, and what it can do for you.


  • 2 Month Supply Super Growth Starter Kit
  • $139 USD
  • Free Growing Taller Brochure
  • $ 20 Shipping
  • This is a great value for the first time buyer, for $79.50 a month (after shipping), you can start seeing the benefits of the Super-Growth formula.
  • 4 Month Supply Super Growth Venture Kit
  • $279 USD
  • Free Growing Taller Brochure
  • Coming with free shipping, this is a great value, getting you four great months of enhanced growth and energy for just $69.75 a month. Begin your Super Growth adventure with this and you’ll get four exciting months of life changing growth.
  • 6 Month Supply Super Growth Overdrive Kit
  • $419 USD
  • Free Growing Taller Brochure
  • For those ready to make a serious commitment to bettering their life, we’ve got the Super Growth SuperRich Boost. Six great months of energy boosting growth formula is yours with free express shipping, getting it to your doorstep as fast as possible. Isn’t it time to start your summer of rapid growth now?
  • 12 Month Supply Super Growth YearOfGrowth kit
  • $779 USD
  • Free Growing Taller Brochure
  • This is for those who are ready to make the next year a great one, with 12 months of powerful growth boosting formula at their disposal. With an enhanced metabolism, a revitalized endocrine system, and a year’s worth of active support from SG Inc, the YearOfGrowth Kit will guarantee a great year to come.

That’s It! I’m Ready to Buy, How do I Pay You?

We offer a number of great options for those looking to join the Super-Growth family, from the most common credit card styled payments, to using Western Union to get wire your money to us. If you’re looking to place your order internationally, you’ll need to contact us first.

If you’re looking for the fastest method of getting a wire transfer to us, just email us  to push through a Western Union Fast Money Transfer. This will get you the fastest possible order processing, and get it shipped immediately.

How Quickly Can Western Union Get Me My Order?

These orders are confirmed within 24 hours, at which point the order will be processed once we have received confirmation of Payment. A list of Western Union Locations is available.

Who Handles Your Credit Card Transcations?

SGI Inc has been proud to partner with CCNOW to provide our customers with the most secure and reliable online payments available. When you make a purchase, CCNOW will show up on your credit card statement. Thanks to CCNOW’s server security, all of your personal payment information will remain completely safe. Even Super-Growth Inc is incapable of accessing that information, as it’s protected by CCNOW.

What Are My Payment Options?

CCNOW is accepting:oor_color_bgwhite

  • Paypal
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Discover/Novus
  • American Express cards.

Cards bearing the logo of any of these are also accepted, regardless of whether they are Debit Cards.

Remember, All Of Your Orders Are Guaranteed To:

  • Be created with ingredients of superior quality.
  • Be Guaranteed Fresh, Pure, and Potent.25.01 images2
  • Be Confidential and Secure, Every Time.


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